AJI Bandarlampung-RUKO Webinar: Coffee According to Millennials in Lampung

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webinar AJI-RUKO
Web seminar series-4 held by the House of Collaboration (RUKO) and Independent Journalists Alliance (AJI) Bandarlampung, entitled "Coffee in the Eyes of Millennials in Lampung", Saturday (August 8, 2020).

Nowadays, coffee is part of the millennial lifestyle, shown by the proliferation of coffee shops.

Therefore, to support it, people in Lampung must campaign for local coffee which is very possible to become single origin coffee, including Ulubelu Coffee, Tanggamus Coffee, and West Lampung Coffee.

“At least coffee shops in Lampung have absorbed and introduced local coffee. This is because one of the unique local coffees that cannot be found in other areas, such as Ulubelu Coffee, has brown sugar which tastes sweet and is perfect for making milk coffee,” said Romi Aprilyansa, a coffee entrepreneur and owner of the Beloe Coffee Learning Center in a web seminar (webinar) series-4 held by the House of Collaboration (RUKO) with Independent Journalists Alliance (AJI) Bandarlampung, entitled “Coffee in the Eyes of Millennials in Lampung”, Saturday (August 15, 2020).

The webinar was guided by UPKM Teknokra University (Unila) Chief Editor Mitha Setianiasih, with four speakers, namely Romi Aprilyansa, Secretary of AJI Bandarlampung Dian Wahyu Kusuma, Ganang Ardis Elfiando (activist of the Coffee-Rekolupi Revolution Community), and Eko Prasetya Juliana (Chairman of Gapoktan Mandiri Lestari).

Romi said, the current coffee trend had not shown a significant increase in coffee consumption. In Indonesia, as the 4th largest coffee producer in the world, coffee consumption was only 1.1 kg per capita per year.

“It’s a bit worrying because we are the biggest coffee producer, but consumption is still small and according to the Ministry of Agriculture, coffee consumption in Indonesia is very high in 2017-2018. After that, until this year the growth in coffee consumption did not increase significantly,” he said.

According to Ganang Ardis, an activist of the Rekolupi Community, the trend of Arabica coffee originating from outside Lampung was more dominant, such as Gayo coffee, Kerinci coffee, and so on.

“Limited information about the introduction of coffee in Lampung is one of the causes of public ignorance of the best and largest robusta coffee in Indonesia,” he said again.

Ganang assessed that there were not many local coffee enthusiasts in Lampung coffee shops.

They tended to like coffee from outside Lampung. Therefore, it was necessary to make innovations, such as making coffee with a different taste using Lampung coffee.

“Of the 10 coffee consumers at the coffee shop, at least one to two consumers buy Lampung robusta coffee, and most buy coffee such as Gayo coffee and others,” he also said.

He hoped that coffee activists could make coffee with the latest innovations, so that they could attract coffee enthusiasts, especially the millennial generation.

Eko Prasetya Juliana (Chairperson of Gapoktan Mandiri Lestari, Tanggamus) stated that the millennial generation should not only follow the coffee trend and became mere consumers.

According to him, they needed to know coffee processing, so that the millennial generation could understand coffee production and distribution.

“When young people only struggle in the downstream industry and not in the upstream industry, it is possible that coffee will become extinct. In fact, many coffee farmers are successful,” he also said.

Eko added, the millennial generation had to better understand that the quality of coffee varies. Then, made coffee a daily necessity with an appropriate dose.

“The current coffee trend for the millennial generation must be more concerned with the quality of coffee and not join in to be interested in consuming coffee,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dian Wahyu Kusuma, a Lampung Post journalist who is also the Secretary of AJI Bandarlampung said that the coverage of the coffee commodity was still minimal.

For this reason, the role of journalists was needed in campaigning for Lampung coffee among millennials. He hoped that the role of the media would be even more massive.

“Like attending webinars, training, and fellowships are ways to cover coffee,” said Dian as well.

webinar AJI-RUKO
Took a photo together after the RUKO-AJI Bandarlampung webinar.


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