Gender Equality, How to Build a Harmonious Family to Achieve Dreams of Happiness Together

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GALS-APKM Training in Mitra Jaya Rindingan
Training to encourage the equality of husband and wife with children in the family, to achieve harmony and happiness as well as care for residents and the surrounding environment.

After returning from the garden, Ahmad Nursution played and mingled with his son.
This Pekon Penantian resident was also willing to sweep and help clean his house, when his wife was not at home. He had never touched domestic work in the household.

The change was implemented by Ahmad after attending Gender Adoption, Action, Learning for Sustainability (GALS) training and Implementation of Access, Participation, Control and Benefits (APKM) for Mitra Jaya Rindingan Gapoktanhut women’s group, in Pekon Penantian, Ulubelu District, Tanggamus District, Lampung, August 3-5, 2020.

He wanted to build a harmonious and happy family and be able to achieve our dreams together as a strong and caring family.

Because of that, he started to build communication within his family by implementing GALS and APKM.

“There are many positive impacts that have been obtained. So understand gender equality and can be applied in the family,” he said.

GALS-APKM Training
The husband and wife of the KSU Gapoktanhut Mitra Jaya Rindingan committee explained the condition of their social empowerment map to other training participants.

Rini Subianti, Ahmad’s wife, confirmed that her husband’s habits were changing.
She said that besides being aware of gender equality, she also realized the importance of saving for future investments.

“If the work is balanced, my husband works, I will participate. Now I want to save for investment. After the harvest, I will prepare one to two million, ” she also said.

Titik Munawarroh, a training participant said that she is now starting to open up with her parents. She began to dare to open up to tell her personal problems to her parents.

“The problem that parents can compromise on is to compromise. You can’t keep it to yourself anymore, what is there is adding to it. At least 50 percent of the problem is reduced, ” she said again.

Budisantoso Budiman, the training facilitator, said that this training was deliberately targeting families, husbands and wives and adult children, in order to apply the principle of equality of men and women in the household, group activities and interactions in society.

“Families become strong internally and are active externally, care about their surroundings and actively preserve the environment to ensure the sustainability of their livelihoods in the future,” he also said.

GALS-APKM Training in Mitra Jaya Rindingan
The training participants explained the simulation results of the training to other participants.
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