RUKO Held GALS and APKM Training in Gapoktanhut Mitra Jaya Rindingan, Ulubelu, Tanggamus

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GALS-APKM Training in Mitra Jaya Rindingan
GALS Adoption Training and Implementation of Access, Participation, Control, and Benefits (APKM) Gapoktanhut Mitra Jaya Rindingan, at Pekon Penantian, Ulubelu District,Tanggamus Regency

The House of Collaboration (RUKO) in collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance (RA) and the Kingdom of the Netherlands held training on Gender Adoption, Action, Learning for Sustainability (GALS) and Implementation of Access, Participation, Control and Benefits (APKM) for women’s groups, the Association of Forest Farmers’ Groups (Gapoktanhut) Mitra Jaya Rindingan, in Pekon Penantian, Ulubelu District, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung.

The training is part of The House of Collaboration Program (RUKO), namely SCALA-BBS (Sustainable Coffee Action in the Landscape of Bukit Barisan Selatan) – the development of sustainable coffee in the Bukit Barisan Selatan landscape, on a licensed land area cultivated by local forest farmers.

Budisantoso Budiman, the training facilitator, said that the target participants are women forest farmers or forest farmer families who are members of the forest women farmer group (KWT) with their husbands and adult children.

The majority of productive age participants are 20-45 years old, in order to have wider opportunities to manage their gardens better, by implementing GALS and APKM.

This training is expected to form a happy and prosperous family that cares about the environment and is friendly to the environment.

“A happy family that is able to achieve a common dream by always maintaining a harmonious, loving and needy relationship between household members and mutual respect and need, in order to achieve a healthy, prosperous, dignified and tolerant family. Forest farmer families who care about their neighbors and the surrounding environment, ” he also said.

GALS APKM Training

Heri Yunianto, Acting Head of Penantian Pekon said the training was expected to improve the harmony of the families of forest farmers and encourage better management of family finances. Furthermore, it was expected that the community could reduce their consumptive habits after receiving the coffee harvest

“Previously, every crop was harvested, people did not count their money. While there is money, they immediately buy whatever they want and can be bought. The next wish, they can sort out what is necessary and what is not after participating in this training,” he said again.

Tri Wahyuni, the trainee said that the training, when implemented at least could improve the harmony of his family. This was because each other realized their function in implementing GALS and APKM.

“I’m glad to be able to join this training. Many benefits, so be more aware of gender equality. My husband and I can chat before bed. Like after this training, we usually talk about it,” said Tri as well.

The training lasted for three full days, Monday-Wednesday, August 3-5, 2020, followed by 25 participants, namely husband and wife farmers and forest farmers plus several youth/youth forest farmer families in Gapoktanhut Mitra Jaya Rindingan and Pekon Penantian, Ulubelu.

Training facilitator Budisantoso Budiman, along with team of co-facilitators Heri Hermiyatono, local facilitator Hersanti, and student activist from UPKM Teknokra University of Lampung (Unila) Mitha Setiani Asih.

Also present at the training was Subdistrict Head Ulubelu Suwarno, Acting Head of the Waiting for Heri Yunianto, Batutegi KPHL staff Dikki Aryanto, as well as a team from Rainforest Alliance (RA) and RUKO Management.

GALS-APKM Training in Mitra Jaya Rindingan
Training on GALS Adoption and Implementation of Access, Participation, Control, and Benefits (APKM) Gapoktanhut Mitra Jaya Rindingan, at Pekon Penantian, Ulubelu District, Tanggamus Regency.
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